Tourist Info

San Juan Del Sur

was founded as a small fishing town situated in a beautiful gulf not far from the border of Costa Rica. As the years went by, the city developed into an amazing tourist center.

Today it attracts many tourists throughout the year.

The city developed an amazing way of life, a blend between the vibrant western world and the sea, nature and quiet.

As such, you will encounter many moments of quiet serenity alongside restaurants and a vibrant and appealing lifestyle.

You will notice immediately as you enter the city that everything is centered on water sports.

The sunset on the amazing beaches is mesmerizing.

The Chabad House is home:

The first thing to do when arriving is to experience the visit in Chabad house.

The happiness, family atmosphere and unlimited warmth

will welcome every individual that enters the Chabad House.

In addition to the compound, you can also find a large area where to sit with coffee and WIFI at no cost.

The restaurant is kosher. There is a synagogue,

Torah study sessions, a listening ear and real love for a fellow Jew for every one and all the time!

Advice and guidance:

The Chabad House will be happy to offer advice and guidance when needed,

such as how to navigate around the city

telephone numbers for surfing shop and lessens and hiking

recommendations and more…

Be aware:

Through the Chabad House you can acquire some reductions

in price on a number of attractions in the area.

Even in difficult times:

the Chabad House is always here for you, for assistance in medical services

passport loss and safety throughout the country.


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Every Friday, Shabbat and Jewish holiday (enter link for the “Shabbat” page),

sumptuous meals are prepared for all of the backpackers.

The A.T.V Hike

The Chabad House puts together on Mondays an amazing ranger hike.

The hike lasts for a couple of hours,

looking out from one of the highest cities in the area with the scenic sea towards Costa Rica

and the volcanic mountains of Ometepe.

For details and registration contact the Chabad House staff.

Ambassadors of honor:

The Chabad House activities are very much appreciated in the area.

Being that you are Israeli/Jewish backpackers, you represent us.

Please represent us in an honorable manner and try to act in a way befitting of Jews.

Activity times:

The Chabad House is open from 8:00 in the morning until 10:30 at night.

Will see you soon…

The Chabad House of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua family

Address: Or in front of the Cellular store “Tell Cell”.

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