Shaboss day

“…For in six days G-d made the heavens and the earth and on the seventh day He ceased from work and rested…”

Shabbat is the special day of the week

a day that all of us pause for a moment to rest, to think, to reconnect to ourselves and to our roots.

The Chabad House’s most amazing day is the Shabbat.

The atmosphere, the holiness and the happiness is an experience that’s hard to describe.


at sunset together with the many backpackers who come from the nearby cities

everyone getting together and coming in order to celebrate together the Shabbat experience.

The young women light their Shabbat candles together with the Rabbi’s wife, Chani.

followed by a brief class in Chassidut on the weekly Torah portion of the week.

This is followed by the Kabbalat Shabbat prayer amidst overwhelming happiness,

immediately followed by a festive and sumptuous Shabbat meal on tables replete with all that good has to offer!

Amazing stories, Torah insights, together with desserts and saying l’chaim

Shabbat day:

At 9:30AM in the morning a class in the makeup of the soul with coffee and cake.

At 10:00Am in the morning jachnun and sauces is served as per tradition.

This is followed by the Morning Prayer Service and the weekly Torah reading in a quorum.

At 13:00PM in the afternoon the Shabbat day meal is served.

In the diaries of the backpackers you can find such expressions such as

“This is the most powerful experience I ever had.”

Tamir: “We sat in the Chabad House and sang Shabbat songs. My body was full of goose bumps. I connected; it was an amazing experience…”

Asaf: This is an opportunity that reveals “the one nation”, how much we have in common,

how much one can transcend life’s routine and reveal that we have a hidden soul, to discern that there is really something unique about our nation, and to elicit natural Jewish pride for the rest of the trip…this is the power of unity…”

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P.S. Some of the menu is geared to the vegetarians among us.

Shabbat times:

Candle lighting on the sunset time.

Kabbalat Shabbat is about an hour after candle lighting time.

Shabbat day:

Jachnun and coffee – 10:00 in the morning.

Morning Prayer Service with the Torah reading 11:00 in the morning.

The festive Shabbat meal with chamin is served at 13:00 in the afternoon.

The Afternoon Prayer Service is about a half an hour before the conclusion of the Shabbat.

conclusion of the Shabbat at: right after The stars come out.

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