Be Part Of It

The Chabad House of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua is the address for every Jew.

Thousands of Jewish backpackers and community members enjoy its on-going programs throughout the year.

Recently the construction of a ritual bath, “mikvah” has begun, the only one of its kind within a radius of hundreds of kilometers.

Its construction and upkeep is very expensive.

The numerous backpackers are part of the Chabad House’s programs

prayers, Shabbat meals and programs the entire week.

The Chabad House helps and sees to Jewish spiritual and material assistance

even rescue assistance for backpackers in trouble,

with the mindset of helping every Jew, whoever he or she may be.

With all of our heart – and together we will bring the Mashiach!


Dear friend!

After getting an idea what the Chabad House of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua’s diversified programs are all about

certainly you remember the expression in the Mishna in the Ethics of Our Fathers,

“If there is no flour, there is no Torah.

In other words, in order to create spirituality (Torah), there’s a need for physicality (flour).

Your contribution is important to us

in order to expand our programs that bring the Jewish heart closer to our Father in heaven.

The Chabad House of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua isn’t funded by organizations or non-profits.

Therefore, in order for the Chabad House to continue with its amazing programs

we require your generous support that will help us continue giving every individual

regardless of who they are, whatever they need, even someone who is thousands of kilometers away from home.

Every contribution will be graciously accepted.

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